Bespoke Design & Manufacture

A case study

Whatever you require your packing, transportation or presentation wooden boxes or cases for, GP Cases will almost certainly be able to provide you with a solution.


What Bespoke Case services do we supply?

We supply, when required, a bespoke design and manufacture service, the following examples are all for the airline industry but be assured we can apply our skills to virtually all industries that require wooden cases.

Wooden Cases for the Airline Business

The cases we produce are usually used for transportation, presentation or storage requirements.

Whatever your requirements, as our client, we will look to create the highest quality wooden cases to fulfil your needs and protect your wares.

Bespoke Case examples

One of our more unusual jobs was to secure an aircraft for transport. The aircraft had been cut in half to be used for training purposes.

We've produced cases to carry Boeing landing gear. These cases are multi trip and would deliver refurbished parts to an aircraft maintenance company whist returning old parts for refurbishment. Heavy duty pallet and supports for aircraft landing gear are also designed and created.