Composite Cases

Multiple Element, multi material packaging cases

Composite cases are made up of multiple elements made from different materials. For example we make packaging for a variety of products which comprise of wooden bases, corrugated cardboard sleeves and lids making for a more economical but robust packaging solution for heavy items.

What are Composite Cases?

Our definition of a composite case is where one or more components of those cases are manufactured using completely different materials.

Composite CasesThe most common of these would be a timber or plywood base with a corrugated sleeve. The lid, again, could be plywood or corrugated.

What are Composite Cases Used For?

Typical applications would be where the product requires a lesser degree of protection or will not be exposed to the elements.

We make;

Plywood base with corrugated sleeve and lid used for storage and transportation of refrigeration equipment.


Composite Cases
Composite Cases in use