Plywood Battened Cases

Additional product protection in transit or storage

We manufacture all sizes of plywood battened cases. From very large to small cases, clients can depend on their strength and durability in transit.

Plywood Battened Cases offer strengthened sleeves for additional product protection in transit or storage.

Our Plywood Battened Cases can be foam lined to help protect sensitive products.

What are Plywood Battened Cases?

Our Plywood Battened Cases are manufactured using various sheet materials ranging from 5mm plywood to 18mm OSB panels. Once the chosen material is cut to size timber battens are attached to that material.

The battens, whilst adding strength to the case, are also a means of fixing the panels together to form the body or sleeve of the case. Bases, two way or four way, along with a battened lid complete the case.

What are Plywood Battened Cases Used For?

Typical applications would be where the product requires a higher degree of protection in transit or storage.


Plywood Battened

Various sizes of Plywood Battened cases packed with aircraft spares awaiting shipment.

Plywood Battened Cases in use

Pharmaceutical production equipment being loaded for shipment to Italy.

Plywood Battened Cases in use

Cases assembled to store and transport equipment for counter terrorism, foam lined for product sensitivity.

Plywood Battened Cases in use

Large battened case manufactured from OSB panels and timber battens.

Plywood Battened Cases in use

Battened cases for automotive industry awaiting shipment to Brazil.