Softwood Cases & Crates

Additional product protection in transit or storage

Commonly used for the shipment of heavy equipment, softwood crates can be lined with various barrier materials for safe passage.

What are Softwood Cases & CratesUsed For?

Most commonly used for sea freight shipments of heavy equipment. They can be manufactured using various sections of timber dependent on the weight of product to be carried.

They can be lined with various barrier materials for extra protection.

What is the difference between a case and a crate?

The difference between a case and a crate is that a case is fully boarded to all sides whist a crate is open boarded.


Softwood Cases

Medium size of softwood case for use in the valve industry, assembled awaiting delivery to customer.

Plywood Battened Cases in use

Softwood crate with protective lining, this particular application was for the valve industry.

Large softwood case, assembled and loaded on site. This particular case was destined for one of the Arab states and was carrying a testing rig used in oil productionmore...... This softwood case was lined with bitumen paper and fixed with anti-crush bars to facilitate lifting via a crane

Softwood Crates

Softwood Crates awaiting loading.

Hardboard lined crate capable of carrying one tonne.